Medical masks type II – complies with the requirements of EN 14683. Bacterial protection of 99.9% / BFE≥99.9%. Disposable product designed to cover mouth, nose and chin. Size 175×95 mm – dedicated for adults.
The mask consists of: three layers of non-woven fabric made of polypropylene (protective and filtering part); made of an elastic elastic band of straps put behind the ear; an insert giving the shape of the mask that fits the nose.
The product is a barrier limiting the transmission of the infectious agent from and to the airways. It prevents the spread of airborne microorganisms, reducing the risk of infection. It can be used in medical environments where there is no risk of body fluids splashing.
Be careful when allergic to polypropylene. If you experience hypersensitivity, discontinue use. If necessary, consult a doctor.

Protect against sunlight and UV radiation
Protect against moisture
Store at 5-40 degrees C
Protect against the risk of soaking, chemical or mechanical damage

Manner of use
There are 10 or 20 medical masks in one package. For use:
Open the package
Take out the medical mask
Put on the mask by pulling the elastics on your ears
Make sure that the mask covers the mouth and nose – the product should fit tightly to the nose, mouth and chin
Adjust the mask to the shape of your nose

The product should be used only during its shelf life, two years from the date of production (production date on the packaging).
The product is designed for single use
Do not correct the mask while wearing it
Grasp the straps during removal (avoid touching the mask)
After removing the mask – do not reuse it, ideally put it in a plastic bag, then throw it in the basket
Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged or destroyed
Care should be taken when opening the package in order not to damage other products