In the spring of this year PTAK Warsaw Expo started production of disposable medical masks. The production is located in one of the expo halls belonging to the fair and congress centre, where before the pandemic the biggest fair events in Central and Eastern Europe were held.

The lockdown of the exhibition industry forced the company to look for other sources of income. The beginnings of Polish production at PTAK Warsaw Expo were connected with many difficulties, starting from finding suppliers of materials meeting the highest quality standards to qualified production technicians. Determination and willingness to help Polish society and Poland’s independence from disposable masks imported from outside the EU led the Polish company to the position of a European leader.

Today, PTAK Warsaw Expo operates the largest Polish factory of disposable medical masks. Forty fully automated production lines working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week can produce up to 4 million disposable masks daily with very high BFE 99% bacteria filtration efficiency, in accordance with the European standard for medical masks. The product has been repeatedly tested by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute and has documentation confirming compliance with the standard and the highest quality.

According to the “Pole can do” principle, PWE has quickly become a leading manufacturer of disposable medical masks in Europe. Within a few months, over 200 million medical masks were delivered to the Polish market and abroad. The main customers were health care facilities, chain shops, including LIDL, LOT Polish Airlines, Polish Mining Group, Poczta Polska, RUCH S.A. and over 600 wholesalers and companies operating in the EU.

By launching the Polish production of disposable medical masks, PTAK Warsaw Expo has actively joined the cooperation with the Industrial Development Agency, supervising the national mask sewing programme #PolskieSzwalnie.

At the beginning of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, PWE, acting charitably, donated a significant number of disposable masks to Polish medical and educational institutions and many institutions and local governments.

The launch of the domestic production by PTAK Warsaw Expo is now crucial for the availability of disposable medical masks in Poland and across Europe (EU)